Why It’s Okay To Not Have Your Shit Together


“Not everything is the way it appears” Take social media for instance. We’re constantly scrolling, liking, tweeting, editing, tagging, and uploading a small portion of our lives that we want the world to see. What we want to world to think our lives are always like. We always have fresh flowers in a vase sitting on the table, and always have our hair perfectly done wearing the most put together outfit. Our lives are perfect right?

Wrong. Our lives on social media are what we want others to perceive our lives are like. We’re looking at other people’s feeds, thinking “Wow, I wish I can do those things. Why haven’t I done those things? Why haven’t I traveled? Or gotten that promotion? Or figured out how to correctly layer my clothing without looking like I just jumped out of bed?” We have this idea in our heads that by the age of twenty- something, we’re supposed to have everything figured out. We’re supposed to have the best job, or the best of friends, or the best retirement plan. The truth is we’re living in a different generation. We were thrown into a time of recession where jobs aren’t as easy to come by as they used to be and a time where debt is at its highest and the changes with technology.

Instead of thinking “I’m in my early twenties and still have no idea how a 401k works.” We need to start thinking in a way that says “Hey, I got this. I’m going to be alright.” We have time to figure this all out and we’re not in a rush to get anywhere. You’ll arrive when you arrive and you won’t arrive any sooner. Take each day as it comes, and have a positive attitude, as well as work your butt off to get where you need to be.

“Not all who wonder are lost, and not everything is how it appears on the surface.”


7 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay To Not Have Your Shit Together

  1. Saw this post last night and saved it to read this morning..iam glad I did I been feeling down myself about my position and life and reading things like this gives me a push to push forward.

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