Fantastic Fitness Apps To Keep You Motivated

There are a lot of apps that are intended to keep you on track and motivated but most of them are usually abandoned after an amount of time because the app is confusing or there is too much to learn, or it is time consuming but I have found that keeping multiple apps on your phone or tablet that are straightforward and simple increases a person’s motivation and helps them reach their goal faster or easier whether it is weight loss, getting in shape, or everyday life. Each app that I have listed is broken down from food, daily activity, and work outs. Best of all, the apps are FREE.


  1. My Net Diary: MyNetDiary is an easy and fast way to keep track of your food intake with over 650,000 foods in the food database that is updated DAILY. It gives the best tools for an individual who is looking to lose weight and plan healthy meals from it calculating based on your age, weight, height, gender and your target calories.


  1. Runtastic: The Runtastic app is an enjoyable, fun app that tracks your sport and fitness activities (distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned, etc) such as running, jogging, biking, and walking. It can also be used with an apple watch which adds more features like tracking your heart rate. The app is also very social and allows you to track down friends and see what their daily activities consist of.


  1. Sworkit: Sworkit is an app that consists fits your daily schedule (no gym, no excuse). The app consists of workouts that have several playlists with video exercises demonstrated by professional personal trainers. It lets you pre plan workouts or customize your own and also you can also set it up for daily reminders. The best part about this app is you choose the time and you choose the work out that and the workout can be as little as 5 minutes.

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