Is Chipotle a healthy option?


Chipotle can be a healthy option if you know what you’re getting. Where most people go overboard on calories, you don’t have to deprive yourself but rather order with creative tactics to fill up in a healthy way. Here are some tips that I would recommend when ordering chipotle:

  1. ALWAYS order a bowl: Don’t waste calories on tortilla
  2. CHOOSE beans: Unlike rice, beans offer many health benefits such as protein, iron, and fiber
  3. ADD healthy fats : A small scoop of guacamole on the side can keep you full longer while not overloading on calories
  4. POULTRY > red meat: Order the chicken and have less saturated fat in your meal

With these tips in mind, Chipotle can contribute to being a fast healthy meal that can be added to your diet every once in a while. By ditching the tortilla, you’re ditching at least 300 calories and almost half of your recommended sodium intake for the day. Bowls allow for more room to add vegetables and more healthy options. The rice has also unneeded calories and not to mention, it’s nearly all carbs. Double the beans instead because they are full of protein, fiber and iron; don’t forget to also load up on veggies and make it colorful! Always go for the lettuce and resist the temptation of sour cream and cheese and choose the guacamole which has healthy fats and helps keep you full.


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